Benefit Boys

Innocently surfing the internet, I came across, some hilarious anecdotes. Benefit Boys are out of their quarntine leash and are here to make a statement. Omo I tell they are going all out this time. They do not intend to leave any stone unturned. Although they do not intend to turn the stones with their own hand. Call aboki, they’ll pay.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Who is this ‘Benefit boys’  everybody is going on about self”. Well I could tell you a few things about them, while sparing the details, Which you don’t need. Except you’re the police, and we do not talk to police (JK). So back to the matters, my source just told me that Benefit boys just sieze principal sandal say why he wear black socks, as e da be now, teachers gather dey beg am cause he no wan do give away again.

Benefit Boys dey for You

The Secondary school students- Oh yeah they are sceondary school students.If it was’nt obvious already. So these student clamouring for the school change of name. They want it called ‘Update High School’ sounds nice right? They really want the education system in Nigeria too have an update from the archaic framework it’s running on. Sweet of them. You should be able to see glimpse of their benfits already.

Also, this fellas who appear to be Heaven scent or is it their cologne? (LOL get it?) have decided to arrange a giveaway quiz for their teachers, to find out the most inteligent teachers. When I think of how nice kids of this days are I sometimes cry a tear of joy. Oh the world have hope perhaps. This young kids are taking it into their hands to do the government work. They want to make sure the teachers who teach them are qualified to. So how can you not be touched. If you’re not, then agu commot your teeth just now.

While we all gather to thank benefit boys for their benifit in society, Make sure say you no loose CONCENTRATION. Corona Virus still da pursue people oo. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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