Tensions as the European Champions League kickoff. Fans and Players likewise could be said to feel sort of tensions, as the most prestige competition in football resumes on Friday ( 6th August 2020),

Tensions as European Champions league Kickoff

The compitition was paused due to the corona virus pandemic. One of the many activities affected by the greasy uncle rona. While resumes, it would be played behind closed doors. How could a footbal match go on without fans? Well do we have much of a choice?

Here are the fixtures to look up to


Therefore We at https://peoplewall.net are looking forward to the great european champions league. I’m rooting for Barcelona to win the competition. What about you? Let us know in the comment section or through social media. Although the present champions liverpool are out, they’ll take winning the EPL as a consolation.

Atalanta would also miss their Josep Illicic against PSG. The player is suffering from depression he caught his wife cheating on him. The player considered quitting football entirely after the incident.

In other news, Napoli perhaps would be without their main man Isigne against Barcelona. The starman suffered an injury before fulltime against lazio.

We look foward to watching as well as you do. But always remember. Stay Home. Stay Safe.