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Several developers and publishers of the industry have made changes to mobile games during pandemic. Unlike other enterprises, the Game Refinery in particular have innovated different ways to keep the business moving. As well as help keep people engaged during the lockdown period. However mundane mobile games may have been. The Game Refinery have included a few features to its games. Addition of playable content, increased free gifts and philanthropic campaigns. These are a few of the interesting experiences included into the gaming world.

In the communal effort to join the fight against the pandemic. Game refinery, with the support of over a handful of other companies continue to share the message of social distancing. Further steps in creating awareness of the current situation includes; developing dynamic content. The creation of #PlayApartTogether Campaign. Also, the realistic live ops and the inclusion of sympathy influences every player’s thought process.


 Corona Virus Impact on Mobile Gamers

There is no doubt the corona virus situation has had great impact on practically everyone. Every field of life all over the world has a story to tell. The gaming world of players, publishers and developers are no exception. However, the safety precautions meant to guide us through this period also has its adverse effects. Game refinery and a few others on the other hand are taking advantage.

With no knowledge of how long the current situation may last. People are gradually getting accustomed to the supposed new way of life. While people adjust to the new form. Game developers continue to boost its industry. Improving the feature trends, increasing playable content, giving freebies and changes in characters. This reaction of the developers to the pandemic increases the participation of players. And in turn aids the industry’s effort to stay in business.

 Different Developers Strategy

In the light of adjusting to life of Corona virus everywhere around us. Many game developers are giving players a way to pass the time without feeling the need to leave home. They have made changes to mobile games during the pandemic. Besides the aforementioned added playable content. Users of the game are given free virtual gifts as currencies and other items. Also included are longer duration of events and prolonged life span.

Furthermore, there is the introduction of special Covid-19 items. Developers also adjust gameplay and technical issues to encourage adherence to the pandemic precautionary measures. Like safe distance and  indirectly imposing in-house game play.


Different Developer Strategy
Candy crush saga

This game gives players a free 24 hour timeline to play in Candy Crush Saga. The free life lasts for a whole week.


 Electronic Arts

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, this medium gives players additional loot. It also allows players partake in more activities. And play longer.

 Go Pokémon, Harry Porter

Developer's Game
Go Pokemon

Wizards can simply unite.

 Jurassic World

Here, changes are made to avoid players from going out often. With the use of free points, monsters can be coaxed into meeting users indoor.