Flavour N'abania's romantic proclivities
Flavour N'abania

Flavour N’abania’s romantic proclivities is no news to anyone. His fans most especially are very much privy to this information. His real name is Chinedu Okoli. However, his stage name is Flavour N’abania. Or as some others simply call him Flavour. And he was born on November 23rd 1983. Flavour sings fluently in Igbo language. As he was born in Enugu State, Nigeria. Meanwhile, his family are originally from Umunze. That is in Orumba south local government of Anambra. He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Also, he plays several instruments.

Mr Chinedu started his singing career at the age of 13. He played drums for his church choir at the time. With the help of his then pastor, he got better over time. After a while, he learnt to play the keyboard. As a result of his skill, he joined Sound City communications. Although it was a scholarship, he made good use of his talents. In 1996, he was studying music. Thereafter, he began to provide backup vocals. These vocals were of course for musicians at Sound city.



At the age of 19, Flavour became a popular drummer and pianist in Enugu. He played for a local band at the time. And he also performed at the city centre in Enugu. This outing encouraged him to aspire for more. With the help of his educational background in music, he learnt music production. For instance, he played and learnt from the likes of Dekumzy, Nnachie, and Isi Charles. Favour is currently signed to 2nite Entertainment. He is unarguably famous across Africa and the world. Flavour N’abania’s romantic proclivities are also a prevalent knowledge. One of his popular hit song is “Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)”.

Flavour released two albums in 2005 and 2010 respectively. The first was self-titled N’abania. While the second titled Uplifted. The albums were a success. And at this time, he had become a recognised artist in the music industry. Eventually, he played at concerts and several social events.

 Singles Released

  • N’abania: 2005
  • My woman is gone: 2010
  • Champion: 2016
  • Zero (as a featured artist): 2016
  • Mercy: 2019


 Flavour Romantic Proclivities

The music career success of the Nigerian born is no controversy. His fans will certainly concur. Similarly, his love life is somewhat of an achievement. Over the years, Flavour’s been involved with one lady or another. Consequently, it is hard to mention his success without these ladies. That includes the time he first became a celebrity. A few of them are listed here;

 List of Flavour’s Ladies

  1. Anna Banner:
    Flavour N'abania's romantic proclivities
    Anna banner

    Miss Banner is a celebrity and a beauty queen. She won the most beautiful pageant contest. And a year after that her relationship with Flavour became official. For a long while, their relationship was the topic on everyone’s mouth. Even more interesting was the news of her pregnancy. Evidently, she gave birth to their daughter a year after. Till date they both have a good platonic relationship.

  2. Sandra Okagbue:
    Flavour N'abania's romantic proclivities
    Sandra Okagbue

    This was the first beauty queen Flavour dated. She also took part in a beauty pageant in 2010. That is the Miss Delta Soap beauty pageant. And very much like miss banner, she also won. They both had a daughter together a year later. And in 2018 had another child. So far, they’ve had an intermittent relationship. On the other hand, reports of their engagement was in 2020.

  3. Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere:
    Flavour N'abania's ronatic proclivities
    Flavour + Juliet + Daughter

    The mystery lady made her relationship with Flavour public in November 2019. She did this on Instagram. Moreover, this was a big surprise to many. Only because no one knew who she was till then. Unlike other ladies, she was no celebrity. However, she claimed to have known him since 2015. Sadly, she said he refused to take responsibility for their child together.

  4. Beverly Ukegbu:
    Flavour's N'abania's romantic gestures
    Beverly Ukegbu

    Another name for her is “Beverly Heels”. She is a singer and dancer. Also known to have a degree in Broadcast Journalism. A degree from the University of Houston in the United States. Her involvement with Flavour N’abania was rumoured to have occurred in 2012.

  5. Chidinma Ekile:
    Flavour's ladies
    Chidinma Ekile

    For a long time, there were controversies over the facts of their relationship. Also, they neither confirmed nor denied. As they left their fans pondering. With several pictures together, they confused everyone all the more.