360 Waves is a hairstyle made popular by the rapper Nelly back in the day. This hairstyle is popular among black men but desired by all.
In this article, we would be showing you easy steps to get 360 waves. Regardless of your hair type.

How to get 360 waves.

Getting waves is not as hard as it seems. It is a process of training your hair, so this requires time and effort to rearrange the hair daily. In order to get good looking 360 waves, you’ll need to get some supplies for these procedures. So get ready to hit your local store.

In order to get 360 waves you’ll need to cop the following:

  • Hairbrush: The texture of the hairbrush should depend on the texture of your hair.
  • Hair Moisturizer/pomade: There are many hair products out there made specifically for the purpose of waving (such as sportin’ waves). Although you can still wave without using any wave product.
  • Hair Shampoo and conditioner: You’ll need to get a good hair shampoo and shampoo that’s suitable for your hair.
  • Du-rag/ wave cap
  • Hand mirror

Get a Hair cut.

The first step to get 360 waves, is to hit the barbershop. Since waving is all about training your hair, you need to start from when your hair is low. When cutting your hair, make sure the hair is low, but to the extent where your hair scalp becomes visible.

Develop a brushing pattern.

This is the most important step in getting waves. In order to train your hair, you’ll need to brush it consistently. Although brushing alone is not enough, you need to have a brushing pattern. This way your hair is trained to form in that pattern. After stepping out of the shower, after having washed and conditioned your hair, apply pomade and/or moisturizer, brush your hair down, starting from the crown. Imagine there’s a small circle around the crown of your hair. Brush your hair all the way around the circles, knowing your angles. Most guys complain about getting waves in the front, but not in the back. What this means is that you haven’t brushed your hair enough in the back. To get even waves, you’ll need to brush evenly. Use a mirror to make sure you are getting all the angles right.

Put on du-rag or waves cap after brushing.

Photo by Nico Marks on Unsplash

Du-rags helps hold the wave in place. Make sure it’s tight but not too tight. Leave the du-rag on for at least 30 minutes. Always remember to put the du-rag on before you sleep. As it prevents your hair from rubbing against the pillow or pillowcase, which could mess up your waves. Du-rags are also stylish, so you can wear them in public.

Do the washing method.

This is a very important step in waving that is not known by most people. It is necessary for getting waves quickly as your hair responds to training faster when it’s wet and soft. To carry out this step, you need to wash your hair with shampoo. While the foam is still on your hair, brush it in your usual patterns as many times as possible. This step should be done once or at most twice a week because while waving you should avoid washing your hair too often.

The four steps above are all you’ll need to get good-looking 360 waves in no time. You’ll need to be consistent in following these steps, as it may take some time before the results become visible. Maintaining a hair cut routine is also important when waving. It is advisable to cut your hair every 2 – 4 week. When cutting your hair advise the barber no to “go against the grain”. You may also want to avoid brushing your hair when dry as it may distort the waves. Another tip is to avoid blind brushing as it could make your waves uneven. For this reason, a mirror may come in handy.

With all these steps, you are ready to start your wave journey. Good luck from Peoplewall.net