Intersting traditions in Africa culture

The countless number of interesting traditions in African culture cannot be overemphasized. As a well known fact, Africa is blessed with a myriad of tribes. Estimated at about 3000. Also, many of those tribes have unique traditions peculiar to them. Although, it is not expected we know about them all. A few, we may have been lucky to see r heard of. These traditions are usually passed down generations. And the ingenuity of these traditions makes Africa a very unique continent.


 Indigenous Traditions

 The Wodaabe courtship dance

Interesting traditions in Africa
Wodaabe Courtship dance

The dance is a tradition peculiar to the Wodaabe people of Niger. This dance is usually done during the annual Guerewol ritual dance. Also included in this ritual is a competition. Although, quite unconventional the men are dressed up in traditional attires and face paint. Adorned with richly decorated ornaments, the men sing and dance. Meanwhile, the ladies sit and watch. As earlier mentioned, interesting traditions in Africa cannot be talked about enough. The aim of this ceremony is so the young men can get the ladies’ attention. Those of marriageable age of course. Showing off their sex appeal is also an imperative part of the process. And this is done by rolling of their eyes and showing off their white teeth. An ideal beauty of the tradition.

 Lip Plates of the Mursi

Traditions in Africa culture
Lip plates of the Mursi

One of the uniquely interesting traditions in Africa. In Ethiopia is a tribe called The Mursi. Here, the women are made to wear wooden plates or large pottery on their lower lip. Mothers or older women in the community cut the lips of the girls at the age of 15 or 16. And for three months, the lips are held by a wooden plug to heal. Also, people of Mursi tribe believe in equality and free will. So the girls are allowed to make the choice on their own. Although, not many may include this as interesting traditions in Africa culture. It is definitely a surprising fun fact.


 Red Ochre of the Himbre

Interesting traditions
Red Ochre of the Himba

The Namibian people are known to have very beautiful women. With great features, they have colourful hair and skin. As soon as the ladies of this tribe are old enough to take care of themselves. They start to use something called Otjize. An homemade mixture of butter, fat and red ochre.

Although there has been speculation about the real purpose of this practice. The people of Himbre tribe claim it is solely for beautification. Practices as these make for interesting traditions in Africa culture.

 The Healing Dance of the San

Interesting traditions in africa culture
Healing dance of the San

The san tribe is common among a few African countries. Angola, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa all share this tribe. Once essential part of this tribe is the traditional dance. Trance dance, also called the healing dance. Led by healers and elders, the community dance round a fire for a long period. The aim of this is to induce a trance-like state. And in this state. It is reported they are able to commune with the spirit world. In addition to being able to cure physical illness. They also try to expel a force called “star sickness”. A force said to cause anger and jealousy. It is also noticed, interesting traditions in Africa culture usually involves dancing.

 Other Common African Traditions

Once again, the countless number of interesting traditions in African culture cannot be overemphasized. Albeit, its been said before. With all that Africa possesses. It will be agree it is worth stating a second and possibly third time.





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