Mother's day Celebration
Happy Mother's Day

Planning a memorable Mother’s day celebration during quarantine could go a long way in putting a smile on your Mother’s face. Despite the restrictions in movement and outdoor activities, there are a few other ways to have fun with your mum. Mother’s day is an annual celebration to appreciate our mums in our own unique way. Although, things are quite different this year with all that’s happening. The situation however doesn’t take away the essence of the day.

A lot of us are use to taking our mums out for a fun day. That includes, seeing a movie, dinner dates and spa treatment. With some creativity, giving our mums a day to remember is still very much possible. Being intuitive and spontaneous comes into play. Albeit, confined in a limited space it shouldn’t stop us from appreciating the women in our lives.


 Breakfast in Bed

Mother's Day Celebration
Breakfast in bed

A perfect way to start her day showing up with breakfast. Perhaps a note by the side of the tray, expressing how much you appreciate her. This gesture is quite certain to begin her day in a good mood. And if for any reason, you cant be there in person. Or have no culinary skills. You could have it delivered from a nearby restaurant.

 Watch a family Rated Movie

While stuck inside with her, a nice movie could also do the trick. Although it’s no cinema but you could still make it fun. With the likes of pancakes, popcorn, juice you have yourself a good movie time. Also important is picking a movie you both can relate to. Whether a son or daughter, there are several options to give the laughs needed.

 Host a Virtual Fun Time

Mother's day celebration during quarantine
Virtual Fun

The use of social media is another memorable mother’s day celebration during quarantine. Even when distance is a barrier. A video conference with her and perhaps other members of the family is definitely one she will get to cherish and appreciate. With the use of zoom or other video conference Apps, you chat, play games basically make it fun.

 Picnic in the Yard

Mother's Day Picnic celebration
Outdoor Picnic

A picnic with the right features is always fun especially in the company of loved ones. Taking brunch, dinner outdoor on a mat, with her favourite snacks. Play games, dance, reminisce on past fun times. Notwithstanding the current situation of lockdown, she is bound to smile more and be happy.

 Take Online Classes

Mother's Day fun
Online Class

For someone with little or no vocational skills. An online class that tutors you on culinary skills for example. You could learn to prepare a local meal, or your mother’s favourite meal. Perhaps learn to bake a cake to celebrate the day.



  1. I’m super grateful for numerous options outlined on how to give and celebrate my mum without going outdoor or spend more in appreciating her
    This Mother’s Day is going to be a blast! !
    Thank you!!!!

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