Nigerian grandmother in Beyonce's new album
Granny Mojisola Odegbami

To the surprise of many, there is a Nigerian grandmother in Beyonce’s new album. The 69-year-old made appearances in two of Beyonce’s music videos. That is songs on the “Black is King” album. Mrs Ms Mojisola Odegbami made a trip to the United States. Meanwhile, she had no idea what luck awaited her. Furthermore, the album is based on a soundtrack album to the movie “The Lion King”. Also, the theme is The Gift. And it is a remake of the original Disney movie. According to Beyonce, the album speaks volume about African culture. She says the album shows ‘Black is regal and rich in history’. As well as in ‘purpose and lineage’.


On the other hand, several African artists featured in the 90-minute album. This includes the likes of Yemi Alade from Nigeria and Ghanian’s Shatta wale. Another artist included is Cameroon’s Salatiel. However, Ms Odegbami appeared in the music video “Bigger”. She played the role of an African queen. After that, she also appeared in “Mood 4 Eva”. Here, she wore an African attire. As she had Gele and a traditional headwrap on. To clarify, this is a common wear in West and Southern Africa.


Nigerian Grandmother participating in Beyonce’s New Album

Ms Odegbami went on a medical trip to California in 2019. There was obviously no plan of meeting Beyonce. Let alone casting in a music video. As this also came as a surprise to her. During her stay there, she stayed with her daughter’s friend. The lady had a 7-year-old son FJ. Folajomi “FJ” Akinmurele is a young actor. And happens to be the main character in “Black is King”. She explained that she drove FJ to practice occasionally. And with time she made friends with Beyonce’s staffs. Ms Odegbami however did not get an invite to cast immediately. Unknown to her, her daughter’s friend signed her up. Albeit, she was reluctant at first, eventually she agreed. That is after the lady begged her to go. And that same day, she was on her way to L.A.

Nigerian grandmother in Beyonce's new album
Black is King video shoot

On her arrival in L.A, she was given instructions on her act. She also had some fun parts to play. Some included, holding a baby, placing a mark on the baby’s forehead. According to the grandmother, everything went on smoothly. And she had a lot of fun as she acted. Despite the fact that the parts were initial tests on her roles. After acting the scenarios, she said “everything happened so fast”. Afterwards, she was told she would feature in the album. And that she would meet Beyonce. Just like that a Nigerian grandmother in Beyonce’s new album.


 Meeting Beyonce

As Ms Odegbami played her role, she eventually met Beyonce on set. Sadly phones and cameras are not allowed on set. So she could not take pictures with the Grammy-winning singer. As that would certainly be the perfect souvenir. Meanwhile, she was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This prevents her from revealing details of the video shoot to the public. Only after they release the video of course. On the other hand, she said they did practically did everything for her. They dressed her up, did her makeup and chose her outfits. To her surprise, they guessed her size right. As they previously saw her pictures and videos.

There were several popular artists in the “Mood 4 Eva” video. Jay Z and Childish Gambino were in the music video. Malian singer Oumou Sangare was also present. The Nigerian granny was seated directly behind Beyonce. As she wore a colourful pink dress with a cape. She also had on dark shades that matched the Gele. While the “Better” video had her dressed in all-white. As she walked behind Beyonce and FJ.