Wildlife Parks and Zoo in Nigeria

There are quite a number of Wildlife Parks and Zoo in Nigeria. A few still functional. Zoological gardens as they are also called are facilities that house Wildlife animals for display to the public. Although, the animals are quite free to move around their vicinity. They are kept in safe disclosure from visitors. Besides the purpose of being showcased to the public. The parks also serve as a major tourist attraction, especially to foreigners. This in turn aids the growth of the economy.

Nigeria is one of many nations to have a handful of these parks. Spread over different parts and state of the county. However, a few sources do not give a good report as to the state of these recreational parks. With little or no concern from the Government, these centres are left forlorn. Sadly, the animals are not properly fed. Staffs are underpaid.


 Wildlife in Nigeria

 Audu Bako Zoo

Wildlife parks and zoo in Nigeri
Audu Bako zoo

This zoological and Botanical garden was found in 1971. Commissioned by the state Military Governor at the time, Governor Audu Bako. One of the very first zoos to be established in Nigeria. It is also popularly known as “Gidan Zoo”. The Zoo is presently managed by the Kano state zoological and wildlife management (KAZOWMA). And may be easily guessed, located in Kano state. The zoo is opened from 9am to 6pm daily. Adults pay #100 while children pay #50.

Visited by people from all parts of the country. Tourists alike also visit for educational and research purposes. The recreation centre is a fun place to visit. With lots of interesting animals catered for. The likes of Hyenas, Antelopes, Giraffes and Hippopotamus are housed. Further activities include long walks, picnics as the zoo boasts of a very large area of land. And a few shops to get snacks and drinks. Also, the Muslim Eid celebration brings more people to have a good time.

 National Children’s Park and Zoo

National Park
National Park and zoo – Abuja

The zoo is a completely suitable place for a family visit. Housed with several variety of animals to see, the cheetah, Camel, Ostrich, donkey. The zoo can be found at the Asokoro District within the Federal Capital Territory.

Just like other wildlife parks and zoo in Nigeria, it also has nearby cafes that provide drinks and snacks. The children in particular would love the park. Fascinating animals to look at, large playground to run around. Even a lake to enjoy a nice scenery. With ease, the kids can identify the animals with each name displayed on the cages.

Entrance fee into the zoo for adults is 200 Naira and 100 Naira for the kids. Open between the hours of 9am and 6pm in the evening.


 Jos Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park
Jos Wildlife Park

Home to diversified breed of animals like the Elephant, Monkeys, Buffalo. The park attracts a huge number of visitors on a regular. Definitely one of the most renowned zoological gardens in the country. The park was established in 1956 but only accessible a year after. Jesse Aruku Wildlife Park is another name it’s known as. A few of the park’s features include; a picnic spot, children playground, a restaurant and a historical Museum. The museum gives you the story of the park and Jos itself. The park definitely gives you an experience that lasts a long time.

 Ogba Zoo

Zoological garden
Ogba zoo

Ogba zoo is one of the largest in Nigeria. It covers a land area of about twenty hectares. And has beautiful scenery all around. Just like a few other parks, it was established in the early days, 1915 to be precise. Located a few kilometres outside the capital city of Edo.

Unlike its counterpart recreational centres, Ogba zoo has some features not all others can boast of. Besides the common picnic spots and restaurants. It has large space for car park. Also, an outdoor even ground. And an event space that can take about 1,500 people. Much to the surprise of visitors, they are allowed to take rides on some of the animals. Donkeys, Camels and horseback riding is made possible.

 Other Recreational Centres in Nigeria

  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Omu Resort
  • Port Harcourt zoo
  • Imo state zoological garden